Comprehensive solutions and services for connecting of electric energy storages to the grid

Discover modern solutions supporting the operation of energy storage facilities on the Polish market. We offer all necessary software, IT services and the required telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive implementation and supervision of project’s execution.

Possibilities of energy storages utilization supported by our solutions:

System services for TSOs

Balancing services for TSOs

Flexibility services for DSOs

Price arbitrage

Increasing the rate of self-consumption

Minimizing imbalance - internal cooperation between RES and ESS

Capacity market

PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)



Infrastructure Telecommunications and servers infrastructure, including a backbone network based on MPLS technology, PABX system, measurement systems and tele-security cabinets in accordance with the requirements of the DSO and TSO.
Energy trading LUXtrade CTRM system supporting multiple processes on the market - from generation scheduling, forecasting, market risk management, wholesale and retail trade services, capacity market, reporting and analyses.
Control & supervision of operation Solutions in the IT/OT area, including those intermediating communication between ESS and the TSO/DSO, controlling the operation of the storage as well as the supervisory EMS system aggregating all data.
Cybersecurity Services covering the security of data, servers, workstations, IT/OT networks, applications, as well as monitoring and handling of security incidents (SIEM, SOAR).
Cooperation with the TSO/DSO operator All necessary systems enabling communication between ESS and TSO/DSO allowing active ESS participation in the energy market in Poland, including, among others: WIRE, SOWE, LFC.
Optimization The MidOSS system offering algorithms for forecasting, risk management, reporting and analysis, also the Energy Link system aggregating RES, ESS and consumer units in VPP, enabling forecasting and optimization of the entire system.


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