We create advanced IT systems

At Transition Technologies–Systems, we specialize in comprehensive deliveries of IT systems in projects of new power units
and installations adapted
to the requirements of the European Green Deal. As many as 90% of Polish companies from the energy market have our CTRM systems!

The first zero-emission IT company in the energy sector

We are on the “green side of the force” every day – our office is powered by solar energy, we move around the city in electric cars, hybrid cars or scooters, we segregate waste, and in our free time we also plant trees! We try to have only a positive impact on our planet.

30 years of experience in the energy market

Our team of experts with over 30 years of experience gained from the Transition Technologies Capital Group is a guarantee of innovative ideas and a flexible approach to the implementation of even the most difficult projects. We have been trusted by the largest energy companies, but our multi-module IT systems will also work in smaller enterprises.


We are the leader of Polish producers IT solutions CTRM in Poland for energy sector.


3 thousand

transactions per year


1 mln

transaction value per year


1 mld MWh

energy volume per year

We provide modern solutions supporting enterprises industrial from the Gas and Oil sector.

We use our knowledge and skills to create IT solutions, that work for the benefit of our planet.


We create integrated security systems for IT infrastructure


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